About Us

Our mission is to help anyone and everyone that wants to change the way they live and shop, providing high-quality, plant-based, biodegradable products that are affordable, made in the UK (where possible) and in refillable solutions.

Inspired by the children in our lives and their relentless energy, enthusiasm and passion for the environment, we’ve embarked on a journey to do more about the world we live in, while hopefully helping, inspiring and leading others to do the same.

We have been trying to reduce the amount of waste and eliminate single-use plastic in our lives and its been a frustrating and much more challenging journey than we anticipated.  The supermarkets have been slow to adapt and offer alternatives.  Local alternatives are few and far between and could hardly be described as accessible or affordable.  We also found that our friends and family have had similar experiences and so we’ve decided to do something about it and created Refill Therapy.

Zero waste is nirvana, but until then, we will reduce waste and eliminate single-use plastic from our everyday lives, through affordable refilling and reusing.